About Us

V& R Auto opened its doors on the 5th of June 2008 in Port Elizabeth. We are an established company that has been operating since 2002 in East London as Dockside Panel Beaters and Spraypainters. Through the successes earned in the operation of V & R Auto in Port Elizabeth, we opened our second branch in East London in 2010 and our third branch in Johannesburg in November 2012. As a company, we are commited to developing the skills and experience of our staff to ensure excellent customer service and the highest quality workmanship.

Vision Statement

Our vision is not only to preserve it’s past achievements in becoming an industry leader, but to face every future challenge and opportunity with tenacity, resolve and effectiveness.


  • That we deliver service excellence second to none to a growing customer base where customer expectations will drive our service levels.


  • That our levels of efficiency will be driven by the competition in such a manner as to ensure that we always maintain our competitive advantage.


  • That we contribute effectively toward the objectives of employment equity and black economic empowerment and that we maintain relevant and effective as an employer who enjoys the firm support and loyalty of all Stakeholders whose hopes and aspirations will be fairly and equitably addressed.


  • That we act at all times in a lawful and responsible manner in handling hazardous substances so as to avoid potential harm to persons, property and the environment.